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6ABC in England - Wir waren zur Krönung von King Charles in London... (Ein Reisebericht)

Last week, I flew to England for a week. We stayed with host families there. I stayed with a very nice family along with my friend Sadat. The food was a bit spicy for me, but Sadat had no problem with it. We attended school from Tuesday to Friday. Our teacher was extremely kind, and we had many discussions with her about the tenth district. We learned a lot about graffiti and the famous artist Banksy. After school, we engaged in various activities such as bowling, escape rooms, and going to the cinema. It was really enjoyable. Thanks to our teachers, we also had plenty of free time. Sadat and I spent most of it at the beach, watching the sunset. It was fantastic, and I took numerous pictures. Sadat and I found it hard to believe that just a week ago we were sweating over a two-hour German exam, and now we were relaxing at the beach, witnessing the sun setting. Time truly flies. We also tried out the roller coasters at the pier, which was a lot of fun.

The highlight of the trip was the weekend when we visited London. On Saturday, we explored without a tour guide, relying on our teachers for guidance. We visited the Tower Bridge, not crossing it but admiring it from a distance. We also explored several famous markets, including the delicious Borough Market. On Sunday, we visited all the iconic tourist spots in London, such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster, and Big Ben. Our tour guide was incredibly friendly and ensured we captured the best photos. On Monday, we flew back home. Throughout the trip, I took many selfies with my friends at different locations, which we later edited together to create a video as a memento.


In summary, it was a wonderful trip filled with countless memories that I will never forget. It was a refreshing break from the typical school routine. I believe the main reason why the trip was so enjoyable was due to our trio of teachers, who were not only kind but also had a great sense of humor. Additionally, the group of students was incredibly entertaining and fun to be around. It was truly fantastic. (Can, 6A)


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