Brighton rocks - Eindrücke von der Sprachreise der 6.Klassen nach England - April 2016

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Von 21.April bis 28.April 2016  waren 53 Schüler/innen der 6.Klassen begleitet von Frau Professor Jaklin, Herrn Professor Bartel und Herrn Professor Wuzella auf Englischsprachwoche in Hove bei Brighton.
Auf dem Programm standen:
Sprachunterricht an der LTC Language School - 2 unvergessliche Tagesausflüge nach London - Ausflug nach Seven Sisters - Besichtigung des Royal Pavillion - Karaoke - Bowling ...

Hier einige Eindrücke und Bilder dazu:

I took this photo of my best friend Emilia (right) and me (left) on the coach that took us to our school in Hove, after we had arrived in England. Most of the students were talking loudly and with excitement, and some of them even sang (badly).
For me this was the beginning of our - let’s call it - "adventure". Not an adventure like in the books, with dragons and mystical creatures, but one with cars that drove on the "wrong" side of the road and coins that had the weirdest sizes.
We were about to collect unforgettable impressions and have a fun time in one of the nicest countries in the world, and that’s what will always come to my mind when I look at this picture.

Sandra Kroneiser 6bg

This picture was taken after our first orientation tour around Brighton. After this tour, we ended up at this amazing place called Brighton Pier. We could finally take some great pictures to remember our stay in Great Britain.
Brighton Pier is one of the most beautiful landmarks in Brighton and Hove. Not only the view is fascinating, but also the attractions at Brighton Pier.
This place stands for the great days we had in England, because my friends and I spent most of our spare time at this incredible place. 

Emilia Sarcevic 6bg

Spending time at Seven Sisters and just enjoying the view was simply amazing. The beautiful cliffs, the multi-coloured sea and everything else was fascinating.
Because I was the fastest one on our way back, I was able to see all the people coming towards me. This picture was taken with a lot of emotions I can't describe in words. 
It's a moment I'll never forget. As the saying goes, "A picture is worth a thousand words." 

Nita Rexhaj 6br