Sprachwoche England 2019

Glimpses of Cambridge

UK language trip – 6AB March 17th – 24th 2019

“First of all punting was a great activity. It was something new and a lovely experience. We had to work in teams in order to navigate our way along the river Cam. Perhaps, the most memorable moment was when someone fell into the river and got soaking wet.

Our language classes were enjoyable because of one particular teacher – Toni Kennedy. We had a lot of fun in his classes and were laughing all the time. We talked about Britain in general, typical sports and British accents.

All in all, it was a great journey that we will probably never forget.”

K. & M. (6A)


“For me our trip to England was brilliant and it helped me to learn more about myself. The activities we took part in brought me and my friends even closer.

One example of those activities is punting, which is something we had never tried out before. At the beginning it was really difficult for us to steer the boat in the right direction until we finally figured out how to navigate with a massive pole.

I think it was also great that we were given a lot of free time to explore the town with our friends.

Overall, this trip was a new experience for everyone. For most of us it was in fact the first time we had ever spent abroad without our parents.

Therefore, we all had to act responsibly and learn to be on time, for instance. After all, I would definitely go on such a trip again. It was a blast.“

Aisha (6A)


“Easily one of the best weeks of my life! Cambridge is a picturesque university town with lots of fun activities to do. However, my favourite day of the week was Saturday when we went to London. I especially enjoyed walking around Whitechapel. The only thing I must complain about is the food that we got for lunch, pre-packed cheddar-sandwiches … how boring is that! But every meal we had apart from that, was pretty decent. Although our rooms were small, I really enjoyed staying with my host family.“

Vilmos (6B)


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